NWD 8 - New World Disorder 8 (Mountainbike-DVD)


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NWD 8 - New World Disorder 8 (Mountainbike-DVD)

Welcome to world-wide mayhem! 16 of the planet’s best freeride mountain bikers will battle it out for the title of Ultimate Freeride Champion! New World Disorder 8 "Smack Down" promises to be just that, a severe throw down of the sickest moves in the business - Longdoogie flip whips, Insano camel hand plants, massive Flying Bourdini gaps and much more. Shot on location in Argentina, Israel, Europe, US and B.C. this edition of the NWD series cannot be missed so make sure you’re in Las Vegas on Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 to witness the Rumble of the Decade!

Producer: Freeride Entertainment!
Country: USA!
Year: 11/2007!
Format: NTSC!
Languages: English