Apples and Oranges HD-DVD (Snowboard-DVD)


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Apples and Oranges HD-DVD (Snowboard-DVD)

Die HD-DVD Apples & Oranges liefert: Rails & Jumps, Backside & Frontside, Filming & Fun, Heli’s & Sleds, Sushi & Burgers, Freshies & Slush & Ice & Crust & Elephant Snot – It’s all Apple’s & Oranges.

Alterna Films shakes Apples & Oranges out of the tree, bringing you a film about a crew of international riders brought together for the same mission: to bring their individual talents to the big screen.

Highlights in the film include the union of technical tricks with unique and innovative cinematography.

Featuring: Matt Belzile, Jaakko Seppala, Stefan Karlsson, JF Fortin, Matt Beardmore, Shane Pospisil, Jon Cartwright, Jimi Tomer, Greg Maxwell , Danny Garrity, Anssi Manninen & introducing Takaharu Nakai, Tadej Valentan and Seb Toots.

Producer: Alterna Films
Country: Canada
Year: 09/2007
Languages: English