Kranked 7 - The Cackle Factor (Mountainbike-DVD)


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Kranked 7 - The Cackle Factor (Mountainbike-DVD)

Radical Films detonates into mountain bike mayhem with 'The Cackle Factor-Kranked 7'.

Inspired by old hipster slang for the insane asylum (the cackle factory), the film trips with stunning footage cut to a post-industrial explosion of funk, rock, reggae, hip-hop and punk.

As the world spirals into madness, seemingly at war with itself, the best mountain bikers are judged against it. Join us as we freak out and explore WHO IS INSANE? - US OR THEM?

Featuring epic riding sets from: Jamie Goldman, Nathan Rennie, Steve Romaniuk, Mike Kinrade, Eric Porter, Kyle Ebbett, Timo Pritzel, James Doerfling, René Wildhaber, Mike Hopkins, Ben Boyko, Kirt Voreis, Garett Buehler, Ryan Berrecloth, Josh Bryceland, Ben Walker, Dylan Dunkerton and Curtis Robinson

Filmed in HD in Alaska, British Columbia, California, Vermont, Switzerland and France.

Soundtrack features: Parov Stelar, The Kinks, Zebrahead, Placebo, Brad, Rjd2, Supercabin, Pennywise, HilltopHoods, Five Alarm Funk, Face to Face, Ziggy Marley, TV on the Radio, Blinded, Die Mannequin, and The Guess Who.

Producer: Radical Films
Country: USA
Year: 2008
Run Time: 52 Mins
Format: NTSC
Languages: English

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