Faces (Surf-DVD)


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Faces (Surf-DVD)

Joel Mack and Travis Karian expose the changing face of modern longboarding in a brilliant collaboration of film and photography. In the shadow of monotony exists the drive to be something different.

Follow producer Joel Macks into an underworld of youthful longboarding. An obvious "changing of the guard" is in motion, shedding light on the Faces of the future.

Starring: Brandon Russell, Brent Russell, Chase Stavron, Christian Clark, Christian Wach, Jackson Close, Justin Quintal, Kai Sallas, Keegan Edwards, Kekoa Uemura, Keoki Saguibo, Kevin Osbourne, Link Earl, Scott Bradenburg, Taylor Jensen, Tommy Witt, Tony Silvagni, Travis Karian, Travis Macks, Troy Mothershead, Tyler Warren.

Producer: Longevity Productions
Country: USA
Year: 2007
Format: NTSC
Languages: English