Sons of Sickness (Surf-DVD)


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Sons of Sickness (Surf-DVD)

The Producer of Snapt 1&2 presents SONS OF SICKNESS! A Surf Flick generating radness globally. Organically created by Chad Towersey and a rogue cast of surfers filmed on location in Panama, California, Australia, Mexico, Cabo, Hawaii, Indo, Costa Rica and more.

Featured Riders : Andrew Doheny, Andy & Bruce Irons, Dustin Barca, Pat Towersey, Asher Pacey, Alex Knost, James Lovett, Bol, Gorkin, Garson, Fanning, Parko, Dingo, Josh Kerr and more...

Producer: Chad Towersey
Country: USA
Year: 2008
Format: NTSC
Languages: English