The Dirthy South 2 (Surf-DVD)


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The Dirthy South 2 (Surf-DVD)

From the famed beach breaks of North Carolina’s Outer Banks to the ultra competitive line up of Sebastian Inlet Florida. The Dirty South 2 is a true story of being a surfer on the East Coast. Brought to life in classic super 8 film, Hi Definition, and Digital Video.

Starring: Kelly Slater, CJ Hobgood, The Lopez Brothers, Peter Mendia, Ben Bourgeois, Aaron "Gorkin" Cormican, Jesse Hines and more.

Bonus Features include: The original Dirty South, exclusive skate footage of Danny Way, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, Chet Childress and much more.

Producer: Digital Wunderland Inc
Country: USA
Year: 07/2007
Format: NTSC
Languages: English