Young Guns 3 (Surf-DVD)


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Young Guns 3 (Surf-DVD)

This time Dane Reynolds, Clay Marzo, Jeremy Flores, Julian Wilson, Ry Craike, master and mentor, Kelly Slater and youngest YG, Garret Parkes have the road hard. See them tracking swells and rolling out at a moment's notice to the world' best waves over the course of six month. They've given us so much A + action that we couldn't fit it all on one DVD-so we're giving you TWO. Plus, thanks to our YG3 interactive website, for the first time ever you decided some of the clips that made it into the vid. Add a bunch of classic extras along with the introduction of the Minis Guns-a group of 15 year-old budding superstars-and you've got the surf movie of the year. Pop it in and get psyched...